A Heart of Privilege Awakened; Rory, Princess of Surrender

Grant doesn’t approve of Rory’s life choices, Paige isn’t mad at Vegeta, just disappointed (and maybe a little mad), and as we’re staring down the barrel of a very interesting season 6, we try to answer the question: Why did we decide to do this?

Last minute news alert: Cabin Fever watch party

A lot of people were asking for Paige to watch DBZ: Abridged. It might have seemed like it would take some major cataclysmic event for her to do so.

Well, it did. Today at 11am PST/2pm est, we’re throwing a DBZ:A watch party at twitch.tv/gilmoreballz. Join in, say hi, and blow off some steam from…all this.

Who is the World’s Worst-est?! A Fancy House Dinner to Decide!!

Lizzy Garcia, senior editor at But Why Tho and co-host of Why Am I Watching This, joins us to talk about mom jeans, embezzlement, and fuckbois. Seriously. We say fuckbois more in this episode than in any other episode combined.

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Don’t Sell Super Drunk Girls Short! Paris and Lane’s Founders Day Punch Power!

Neysha, host of SO MANY THINGS and writer/Marketing & Strategic Communications for But Why Tho, joins us again just in time to watch her boy Vegeta destroy, see the worst museum Stars Hollow has to offer, and watch the Paris, Lane, Rory meetup that could have launched its own spinoff.

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