A Glorious Gaslighting: What Exactly Is Christopher’s Fucking Problem?

Rachel Gatlin from several Dueling Genre Podcasts joins us to talk about the beautiful disaster of human emotions that is Richard and Emily’s vow renewal. Meanwhile, something is up with a man name Spopavich. Just say Spopavich outloud. Spo-pa-vich. It’s fun.

Tales from the Short Box (A weekly comics podcast) – http://www.duelinggenre.com/category/podcasts/tales-from-the-short-box/
TMNT Minute (Rachel talking about Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, one minute at a time) – http://www.duelinggenre.com/category/podcasts/movies-by-minute/tmnt-minute/
Geek by Night (An original superhero audio drama with Rachel)- http://www.duelinggenre.com/category/podcasts/geekbynight/

Note: Grant’s audio was super crackly this episode. We’re sorry for the inconvenience

Bonus Episode: Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan

In Paige’s most painful bonus episode, we explore that beautiful disaster that is Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan (and we mean both “beautiful” and “disaster”).

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What the Hell, Emily? An Unexpected Reconciliation in the Fender Bender

Paige and Grant try to explain how, in Gilmore Girls and only in Gilmore Girls, crashing a woman’s car to make her get together with you doesn’t seem as absolutely toxic as should be. And on Dragon Ball, Piccolo is menaced by…pictures of the ocean?

Marriage Rekindling; A Mysterious Pupper Appears!

A plot has suddenly arrived in Dragon Ball Z and Paige is not here for it. In Gilmore Girls, though, the unexpected appearance of a dog brings a much more welcome surprise.*

*To clarify: A dog in Gilmore Girls. Not, like, while Paige and Grant are recording

The Chilton Junior Is Finally Apprehended! Who Will Fight Against Frat Tristan?

Logan is back to his Frat Tristan ways when he hits on a child, then disrespects Rory’s education. Meanwhile, Vegeta is in Kill-Kakarot mode while he watches his son defeat Goten–breaking a few rules along the way.

Bonus Episode: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

Gilmore Ball Z indulges in its favorite tradition. Not Paige saying “Goku” when she means “Gohan,”* using our swaps to punch someone in the face, or even suggesting someone needs therapy. It’s Christmas time, and that means it’s time to enjoy survive another Traveling Pants movie with All Caps Kyrie.**

The girls are in college, which means it’s time to combine three YA novels into one 2 hour movie and still come out lacking.

All Caps Kyrie’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/nightsinlights

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*Grant cuts these in editing
** Since there are currently only two Traveling Pants movies, this is probably also the last year of this tradition

Lorelei is Surprised! Rory and Christophers’ Super Battle!

Baby fights and fights near babies! Rory completely ignoring the mother daughter boundaries Lorelei never established, and a punk kid completely ignoring the rules of conduct the Jr. Martial Arts tournament definitely never established! Will he get murdered by Trunks before his trashy mom gets curb stomped by Chi Chi and Bulma? Find out this week on Gilmore Ball Z.