Bonus Episode: Super Android 13

Androids 13-15

This Dragon Ball movie might be less concerning than Bunheads, but it was somehow more offensive and confusing on so many levels.

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A Time of Krav Maga! Lay Hold of Clandestine Alcohol!

For once, there was more fighting in Gilmore Girls than Dragon Ball, and Goku had more emotional intelligence than any of the men of Gilmore Girls. We don’t know what’s happening either.

Bonus Episode: Bunheads

After Gilmore Girls, Amy Sherman-Palladino teamed up with Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) and Broadway’s Sutton Foster to make a show about *checks notes* a man stalking a woman, taking advantage of her hitting rock bottom and lying to her to get her to marry him, his subsequent death and little girls learning ballet.

It was a packed hour.

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Found! A Faint Ray of Hope – Reunite, Gilmores!

Rachel from the Geek By Night and the TMNT Minute podcasts joins us just in time to watch the Gilmore girls reuninted, a dragon wish get wasted, and Gilmore Girls finally deciding a secret love child is the best twist they’ve got.

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Bonus Episode: The Pacifier

Lauren Graham as a military officer? North Korean spies getting taken down by a duck? Dancing Nazis? (Okay, that last one’s pretty normal for the Sound of Music.) Our brains got a little scrambled when we watched Vin Diesels’ The Pacifier.

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