Episode 100: Season 4 Finale

In our longest episode by far, we celebrate 100 episodes, and the end of Season 4. After going through our normal season end questions, we go through listener mail and answer some questions.

Thanks to everyone who sent in mail (including the one that got in too late to record, we’ll catch you next time), and thanks to everyone who’s still listening 100 episodes later.

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Peace For the Future? The Mistake of Rory’s is Forever!

As the season of GBZ comes to a close, Dragon Ball says goodbye (sorta), and Rory finally jettisons her sense, along with her virginity.

We Went To Soupa Saiyan in Orlando, FL

Greetings, Gilmore Ball Z fans!

We spent the last week on vacation in Orlando, Florida to see Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. The new Hagrid’s Motorbike ride at Wizarding World is awesome, and Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has technology so immersive that you almost forget how painfully boringĀ AvatarĀ was, but this isn’t a podcast about Harry Potter or giant sci-fi Smurfs. It’s about Dragon Ball Z. Well, and Gilmore Girls, but that’s not relevant right now.

So imagine our surprise when we were looking for a place to eat the first night near our hotel outside Universal Studios and we see the name “Soupa Saiyan”.

Soupa Saiyan exterior

A short walk from the budget hotels outside Universal brought us to a pretty humble shopfront in a strip mall, but the inside is definitely a blast for any Dragon Ball fan. Cotton batting covered lamps hang from the ceiling that look like Flying Nimbus, fan art and collectibles line the walls, and friends:

They have a life-size statue of Vegeta

Vegeta statue
Standing on a rock so that it’s harder to compare your height against his is 100% on-brand for Vegeta.

The staff are all friendly and helpful, and obviously having fun with their concept. It would be easy for someone get jaded or impatient with people who want to take pictures all over the small shop and possibly get in the way, but we didn’t see any of that during our visit: everybody was happy to see us enjoying ourselves.

The shelf of Pop vinyls is one of the first things that greets you as you approach the counter to order.

Of course, theme restaurant wouldn’t be complete without a themed menu. Soupa Saiyan doesn’t go overboard in this regard – it’s mostly a ramen and pho shop – but they do call their edamame “Senzu Beans”, and have a “Vegeta”rian Bowl. The real standouts are the “Kaioken” and the “Ultra Instinct”.

The Kaioken is a 3x portion of noodles and broth, corn, chicken, steamed dumplings, and a fried egg. The Ultra Instinct is a 5x portion of pho, steamed dumplings, and three fried eggs. This obviously sounds like a lot of food, but you have to understand that the regular portions at this place are HUGE.

This Saiyan-sized bowl of soup was $10 (plus $2 for the egg).

Come here with an appetite. I can’t imagine how anyone other than Goku himself could eat an Ultra Instinct, much less a Kaioken.

Of course the big question: is the food any good? We can happily say it is, especially given how cheap it is. If you’re a fan of Vietnamese pho and the general onion-and-cilantro flavor profile it tends to have over other styles of noodles, this is a hearty bowl of soup for a great price.

Is Soupa Saiyan worth a pilgrimage all on its own? Probably not unless you live and breathe Dragon Ball even more than we do. But if you’re already in the area to visit the mouse and the wizard kid, we recommend swinging by for a cheap lunch with some slick decoration. It’s right near Universal Studios, and we had a great time.

Art at Soupa Saiyan

Collectibles that decorate Soupa Saiyan

Combine Your Exes! The Final Love Triangle!

Nick Daniels of the bands Sins of Spira and Astillian (also one of Grant’s oldest friends) declares this week’s episode of Gilmore Girls “a banger,” and we realize that was the secret goal of this podcast all along.

Nick on Instagram:
Nick Daniels: @lord.naniels
Astillian: @astillianofficial
Sins of Spira: @sinsofspira

Cover of “One More Light”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCRsN44M5m8