The Tables Are Turned! Witness the Awkwardness of Dating!

Lorelei and Luke almost make out…then don’t even get close to kissing. So that’s a waste. Also Vegeta’s an idiot, but that’s not really new.


Parties on the Verge of Defeat! Richard, Destroy Digger’s Dad!

Scott Carelli from Cornetto Minute, Spider-Man Minute and Geek By Night dropped by to talk about screaming and the naked guy and a grown man named Digger.

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Beyond Super Senior! Rory Confronts the Monster Yale!

This week on Gilmore Ball Z, dogs and cats are living together, mass hysteria: Goku’s a better parent than Lorelei! Sure, there’s also some really cool visual storytelling in Vegeta’s fight with Cell, Rory also has her first day at Yale, and Yale invents a verb in Lorelei’s honor, but let’s focus on the important part.

Future Unknown! Lorelei Breaks Her Budget!

16 is still the best boy who steps up to the plate after 17 is being a posturing dead baby. There’s also some compelling character work for 18, and this sentence sounds like I’ve lost grasp of the English language. Meanwhile, Rory gives the world’s worst commencement speech to say goodbye to the world’s worst school.